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Health Ministry Records 147 Cases Of COVID-19 Delta Strain

Health Ministry Records 147 Cases Of COVID-19 Delta Strain

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The Ministry of Health has recorded 147 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 Delta strain.

Senior Medical Officer Ihor Kuzin said this in an interview with Ukrainian Radio, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The situation is now gradually worsening throughout the country. Every day we see plus 10-15 new cases of the disease. In fact, this situation is quite risky, because the situation is worsening in every region of the country, and an outbreak can be expected not only in certain regions, but everywhere. A few weeks ago, we talked about 17 cases with regard to the Delta strain. Now there are 147 officially confirmed cases at the country level. That is, the strain is located on the territory of Ukraine and is spreading," Kuzin commented.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers has introduced express testing for the determination of the antigen of coronavirus infection at border checkpoints arriving from countries with the spread of the Delta strain on July 2.

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