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Some Of MPs From Holos Will Not Take Part In Congress And Have Written Applications To Quit Party

Some Of MPs From Holos Will Not Take Part In Congress And Have Written Applications To Quit Party

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Some of the Members of Parliament from the Holos faction will not take part in the congress of the party of the same name, which is scheduled for Thursday, July 29, and have written applications to quit the party.

Member of Parliament from the Holos faction Oleksandra Ustinova wrote about this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Finita la commedia or the Holos congress today is another profanation of the leadership and the cementing of Kira Rudyk's control over the party. Most MPs will not take part in the Holos congress and leave the party," the MP wrote.

According to the statement, the leadership of the party, represented by MP Kira Rudyk, and the political council Holos controlled by her have artificially created conditions under which 75% of party members and local deputies will not be represented at the congress.

Ustinova noted that a few months ago, 75% of party members and most of the branches made public statements demanding that Rudyk resign from leadership positions, as well as the election of a new leadership in transparent democratic intraparty elections, changing the charter to a more democratic one.

Instead, the party leadership ignored the demand for the democratization of the charter and proportional representation of the organizations at the congress.

“They are even trying to take away the right to attend party events from Holos members. Already at this congress, by decision of the leadership, only three representatives, agreed by the leadership, will be able to attend, and only one with the right to vote,” Ustinova stressed.

According to Ustinova's press secretary, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, Solomiya Bobrovska, Andrii Sharaskin, and Yuliya Klymenko also wrote applications to leave the party.

Also, the corresponding statements are expected from the rest of the party members who created the Justice group: Halyna Vasylchenko, Roman Lozynskyi, Nataliya Pipa, Olha Stefanyshyna, Volodymyr Tsabal.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Holos intends to hold a congress in July and resolve the "internal crisis" in the party.

Earlier, 10 MPs from the Holos faction expressed no confidence in their faction chairman Yaroslav Zhelezniak and announced their intention to initiate the exclusion of the Holos party chairperson, MP Rudyk, from the faction.