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28 Countries Confirm Their Participation In Crimean Platform Summit On August 23

28 Countries Confirm Their Participation In Crimean Platform Summit On August 23

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As of the end of July, 28 countries confirmed their participation in the constituent summit of the Crimean Platform in Kyiv on August 23.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced this at a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Now 28 countries and international organizations have confirmed their participation in the inaugural summit of the Crimean Platform. This will be an unprecedented international event in the history of Ukraine. Never before has so many states gathered in Ukraine to hold such an event. This result already allows us to say with confidence that we have succeeded to form the core of the international coalition for the liberation of Crimea," he said.

According to him, the presence at the summit of heads of states and governments, heads of parliaments, members of governments of the countries is expected.

"We are creating an association of like-minded people to implement a simple and specific task: countering the threats of the Russian occupation of Crimea and the de-occupation of our peninsula," he added.

Kuleba recalled that the summit would be the beginning of the work of the Crimean platform in five priority areas: the policy of non-recognition, sanctions, security in the Azov-Black Sea region, protection of human rights and international humanitarian law, environmental and economic consequences of the Russian occupation.

“Crimea has already become a suitcase without a handle for the Russian Federation. The Crimean platform will turn it into an unbearable load,” he said.

The Minister said that the final document of the summit, which would fix fundamentally important provisions for Ukraine, the Crimean Declaration, had already been almost agreed.

He also recalled that the first summit of first ladies and gentlemen will be held in Kyiv on August 23.

"This will be the first such event in Europe and practically all over the world. It is a very ambitious task, but we are not afraid of ambitious tasks. We plan to make this summit regular, increasing the number of participants from year to year," Kuleba said.

The Minister also assured that dozens of international guests would attend the military parade on the occasion of the Independence Day.

"It will be a sign of Ukraine's support and respect for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which have been heroically opposing the much more powerful machine of the Russian army for more than seven years and protecting Ukraine from the Russian hybrid war," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Office of the President confirms that at the constituent summit of the Crimean Platform on August 23 in Kyiv, the United States will be represented by Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg.