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Court Places Ex-MP Zhevaho Under In-Absentia Arrest

Court Places Ex-MP Zhevaho Under In-Absentia Arrest

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A court has in-absentia arrested former non-affiliated member of the Ukrainian Parliament / beneficiary owner of Finance and Credit Bank Kostiantyn Zhevaho suspected of embezzlement of UAH 2.5 billion of the bank.

That follows from the investigation database of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) suspects Zhevaho of embezzlement of UAH 2.5 million belonging to Finance and Credit Bank and money laundering.

Interpol puts the businessman on the international wanted list, however, Zhevaho’s press service refutes this information.

The businessman is currently fleeing from the investigation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the PGO has passed to the national asset crime agency 26 Zhevaho’s arrested real estate facilities, money and corporate rights.

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