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China deploys satellites to support rescue in Henan rainstorms

China deploys satellites to support rescue in Henan rainstorms

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China's satellite. Photo by Xinhua.
China's satellite. Photo by Xinhua.

Four satellites have been deployed to support rescue and relief efforts in Henan by monitoring the affected areas and providing reliable data after rainstorms lashed the region, according to the Xi'an Satellite Control Center, The Xinhua News Agency reports.

The satellites, mainly used for earth observation and remote sensing imaging, were deployed to assist relevant departments in analyzing and assessing the rainstorm situation and enable satellite users to receive the remote sensing images of the affected areas in a timely manner.

The center has also rescheduled the tasks of remote sensing and meteorological satellites including Gaofen and Fengyun satellites, and sent hundreds of application instructions to ensure the satellites provide fast and accurate remote sensing image information and meteorological data services.

In response to earthquakes, floods and other unexpected disasters, a variety of contingency plans based on the satellites' parameters and performance characteristics have been drawn up to guarantee rescue efficiency, according to the center.

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