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Slovakia Opens For Vaccinated Ukrainians, Netherlands For Everyone

Slovakia Opens For Vaccinated Ukrainians, Netherlands For Everyone

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The Slovak Republic has permitted entry for vaccinated tourists from Ukraine, and the Kingdom of the Netherlands – for everyone.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, has written this on Twitter, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Slovakia accepts all Ukrainian vaccinated with the vaccines registered by the Health Ministry.

Therefore, entry to a total of 32 countries has already been opened for vaccinated Ukrainians.

All those vaccinated with AztraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna are allowed to enter all the aforementioned countries, and with CoviShield and CoronaVac to enter only a part of them.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 15, the European Union put Ukraine on the list of third countries to see restriction-free enter to EU member countries.

On July 21, the number of newly-registered Covid-19 cases in Ukraine rose by 726 over July 20 to 2,246,656, and the number of deaths increased by 21 over July 20 to 52,790; at the same time, the number of new cases rose by 10.8%, and the number of new lethal cases increased by 61.5%.

According to the report, as of the morning of July 21, a total of 2,246,656 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases were registered in Ukraine; the number included 52,790 fatal cases; 2,183,003 people had recovered.

On July 21, a total of 726 new disease cases were recorded, 21 people died, and 501 people recovered.

Therefore, as of July 21, the number of newly infected people was higher than that of those who recovered (501 vs 726).

At the same time, on July 21, a total of 402 coronavirus-infected people were hospitalized, down 20.9% over July 20.


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