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Energoatom And City-Satellites Of Ukrainian NPPs Sign Cooperation Memorandum

Energoatom And City-Satellites Of Ukrainian NPPs Sign Cooperation Memorandum

Memorandum of Cooperation, nuclear power plants, Energoatom

Kyiv-based Energoatom national nuclear energy generating company and the satellite cities of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

That follows from a statement by Energoatom, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"On July 20, 2021, Energoatom and the satellite cities of Ukrainian nuclear power plants - Enerhodar, Varash, Netishyn, and Yuzhnoukrainsk - signed a memorandum of cooperation," it says.

According to the report, Energoatom was represented by Acting President Petro Kotin, and the satellite cities – by their mayors: Enerhodar – Dmytro Orlov, Varash – Oleksandr Menzul, Netishyn – Oleksandr Supruniuk and Yuzhnoukrainsk - Valery Onufriyenko.

"It is extremely important for us to strengthen cooperation in order to eliminate communication problems and coordinate work on solving pressing issues of the socio-economic development of satellite cities and nuclear energy enterprises," Kotin was quoted as saying.

In turn, city mayors and heads of nuclear power plants identified a number of problems, the solution of which requires intervention from Energoatom:

- return of a 30% discount on electricity bills for citizens living in the 30-kilometer zone of Ukrainian nuclear power plants (that concerns residents of not only satellite cities, but also of numerous villages having no natural gas supply due to the proximity to an NPP);

- debts to utilities and nuclear power plants that have been accumulated over the years;

- improvement of financing of local hospitals and medical and sanitary units (in particular, now all cities need modern mammography devices, etc.);

- development of infrastructure and socially significant projects at the level of local communities.

Besides, within the framework of the signed memorandum, a coordination council will be created and will include representatives of Energoatom, nuclear power plants and local authorities of cities - satellites of the nuclear power plant.

“Cooperation within the framework of the coordinating council will significantly improve the interaction between the city authorities and Energoatom for the development of social, economic, cultural and sports programs aimed at improving the quality of life in satellite cities of nuclear power plants,” Kotin concluded.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in April, the Verkhovna Rada asked the Cabinet of Ministers to return the preferential electricity tariff for household consumers living within a radius of 30 km from nuclear power plants.

Energoatom operates the Zaporizhia (Zaporizhia region), Yuzhnoukrainsk (Mykolaiv region), Rivne (Rivne region), and the Khmelnytskyi (Khmelnytskyi region) nuclear power plants the Tashlyk (Mykolaiv region) and Oleksandrivka (Mykolaiv region) plants.

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