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Finland Will Open Border For Vaccinated Tourists From Ukraine From July 26

Finland Will Open Border For Vaccinated Tourists From Ukraine From July 26

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Finland will open the border for vaccinated tourists from Ukraine from July 26.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced this on Twitter, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Finland will open on July 26 for Ukrainians who have completed a full course of vaccination," he wrote.

In addition to the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines, which are used in Ukraine, and Moderna, the vaccination of which will begin soon, Finland also recognizes the CoviShield and CoronaVac vaccines.

Thus, already 31 countries allow vaccinated tourists from Ukraine.

Among them are such popular tourist destinations as Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, including the island of Madeira.

The list also includes such European countries as Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Iceland.

Besides, the list of countries allowed for entry by vaccinated Ukrainian tourists includes Armenia, Jordan, El Salvador and Honduras.

Ukrainians vaccinated with the CoronaVac vaccine can visit all these countries, except for Croatia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, and CoviShield - also except for Turkey, Greece and Jordan.

Some of these countries allow unvaccinated tourists with a PCR test, others do not.

The rules for visiting different countries by vaccinated travelers differ.

For more information on the rules of entry into the country of interest, see the special portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tripadvisor.mfa.gov.ua/map.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 15, the European Union added Ukraine to the list of third countries for which restrictions on travel to EU member states should be lifted.