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Rada Made It Easier To Connect To Power Grids

Rada Made It Easier To Connect To Power Grids

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The Verkhovna Rada made it easier to connect to power grids.

A total of 347 MPs voted for the adoption of bill No. 5009, with the minimum required 226, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the explanatory note, the purpose of the law is to significantly simplify the procedure for connecting customers' electrical installations to the electric grids, reduce the number of procedures, documents and agreements, significantly reduce the connection time, and remove artificial restrictions in the procedure for connecting to the power grids.

The law also provides for:

- the possibility of allotting land plots from state and communal property for use for the placement and operation of linear energy infrastructure facilities without obtaining permission from the authorities to develop the site;

- using the principle of tacit consent when approving land management projects on the allotment of land plots and providing them for use by operators of distribution systems;
- reduction of the term for making changes to the information of the State Land Cadastre to one day and settlement of the issue of granting refusals;
- regulation of the definition of a linear energy infrastructure facility;
- definition of a clear and transparent procedure for drawing up an agreement on the establishment of land easement on land plots of state and communal property;
- determination that the development and approval of project documentation is carried out only by the operator of distribution systems;
- introduction of a "single window" system for submission and approval of project documentation;
- cancellation of the need to obtain permission to violate the elements of the improvement in the case of construction and installation work;
- cancellation of the need to coordinate materials of topographic and geodetic works with the authorities;
- cancellation of the need to conduct an environmental impact assessment during the construction of cable lines;
- expansion of the list of entities that should carry out the publication of geospatial data;
- providing for the responsibility of the operators of the distribution system and the transmission system for not disclosing information on the amount of workload of the transformer substations of the main network of the operator of the distribution systems;
- provision of responsibility of officials for untimely approval or non-approval of project documentation.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in February 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers proposed the Verkhovna Rada increase 20 times, from UAH 85,000 to UAH 1.7 million, the fine for violations when connecting to power grids.

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