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Prices For Raspberries Down By 60% To UAH 120-150 Per Kilo, For Marrows By 40% To UAH 9-20 Per Kilo From Late

Prices For Raspberries Down By 60% To UAH 120-150 Per Kilo, For Marrows By 40% To UAH 9-20 Per Kilo From Late June - UCAB

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The Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business association (UCAB) states that as of July 9, compared to June 25, prices for raspberries fell by 60%, for marrows - by 40%.

UCAB analyst Svitlana Lytvyn announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"In the first half of July, for some vegetables and fruits it is high season, and prices for them have practically not changed over the last two weeks, as there is sufficient supply. But for some positions the season is just beginning, and you can observe a decrease in prices as these vegetables and fruit ripen," she said.

According to Lytvyn, prices for such items as cucumbers and young cabbage have remained relatively stable over the past two weeks – UAH 19-36 per kilo and UAH 7-15 per kilo, respectively, since now their supply is maximum and in the open field of households there is a sufficient amount of harvest.

It is noted that prices for tomatoes are still holding at the level of UAH 30-85 per kilo, depending on the variety, however, according to UCAB forecasts, the supply will increase in about two-three weeks and prices will slightly decrease.

At the same time, over the past two weeks, prices for marrows have decreased by 40% to UAH 9-20 per kilo, for young potatoes - by 29% to UAH 13-30 per kilo, for corn on the cob - by 19% to UAH 16-29 for 1 head of cabbage and for onion - by 12% to UAH 12-25 per kilo, since these vegetables are just beginning their season.

Lytvyn added that also, compared to June 25, the prices for raspberries decreased by 60% to UAH 120-150 per kilo, noting that at the end of June there were the first receipts of raspberries at a rather high price, but as they ripen, the price goes down.

Besides, cherries fell in price by 25% to UAH 50-85 per kilo and currants by 20% to UAH 65-95 per kilo, while prices for peaches have so far decreased by 5% to UAH 50-95 per kilo, however, according to Lytvyn, favorable weather conditions promise soon more comfortable prices for consumers.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, as of June 4, prices for young cabbage fell by 53% to UAH 9-10 per kilo, and for strawberries - by 46% to UAH 65-70 per kilo compared to May 20.