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Notaries Connecting To State Cadastre Service’s System Normally – Cadastre Service

Notaries Connecting To State Cadastre Service’s System Normally – Cadastre Service

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The connection of notaries to the State Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre Service’s system to enable them to process contracts for sale of agricultural land is taking place normally.

The press service of the State Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre Service announced this to the Ukrainian News Agency.

"Notaries are slowly registering in the system, we are working normally," the service said.

Earlier, a number of media outlets published reports stating that notaries were unable to connect to the system, as a result of which the launch of a land market was being delayed.

According to the press service, it is possible that individual notaries are having problems after incorrectly entering the connection code or got technical problems.

However, according to the press service, it had not received any complaints about connection to the system as of July 6.

According to the State Cadastre Service, at the time of the launch of the land market, 879 notaries out of a total of about 6,500 had access to the cadastre, which was necessary to check the buyer's compliance with the legislative restrictions on the area of ​​land per person.

It is noted that the authority, as well as the Center of the State Land Cadastre state enterprise were ready to launch the market: a simplified electronic procedure for submitting an application was specially developed, and additional employees were involved in processing applications.

The State Cadastre noted that together with the Notary Chamber of Ukraine, explanatory work was carried out to connect to the State Cadastre system, instructions for connecting to the system were distributed, and a presentation of the connection procedure was made.

Applications of notaries are considered no longer than a day, while a slight delay occurred only due to the accumulation of a large number of applications over the weekend.

As of today, 2,344 applications for connection have been received from notaries, of which 1,382 applications have been approved, 233 have been refused connection, 729 are under consideration.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the law on the launch of a land market in Ukraine entered into force on July 1.

The law does not prohibit landowners from selling their land themselves but most land landowners prefer to use the services of competent notaries.