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Repair Of Presidential Office After Rally Of Sternenko's Supporters Took 2.5 Months And Cost UAH 0.5 Million

Repair Of Presidential Office After Rally Of Sternenko's Supporters Took 2.5 Months And Cost UAH 0.5 Million

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The restoration of the damaged facade, windows and doors of the building of the Office of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy after the rally in support of the activist, the former head of the Odesa branch of the Right Sector Serhii Sternenko lasted 2.5 months and cost more than UAH 0.5 million.

Liliya Buriak, the acting head of Directorate of Administrative Houses of the State Affairs Department, announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

Three companies were involved in the repair and restoration of the facade of the Office.

Contracts for the work were concluded with them from March 30 to June 3, and the work itself has already been completed.

The smallest item of expenditure is the repair of the window block on the main facade with the replacement of the sash.

It cost UAH 17,700.

The work was carried out by the Kyiv Interregional Special Scientific and Restoration Production Directorate.

The most expensive was the restoration of the painted facade of the building – UAH 248,900.

Cleaning the facade itself cost UAH 199,000, and its subsequent treatment with protective means - another UAH 49,900.

The work was carried out by the cleaning company Cleaning-Pro, founded in Lviv by businessman Serhii Kozolup.

The repair of door blocks and internal entrance vestibules cost almost the same amount – UAH 235,000.

These works were carried out by the production and construction company Pobutrembud, the head of which is the former assistant of the ex-Member of Parliament from the faction of the Party of Regions Vasyl Biba, Inna Kucherenko, and the acting director general is his widow Svitlana Biba, whose son Andrii is the founder of the chain of gas filling stations BRSM-Nafta and a former partner of the ex-Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Eduard Stavytskyi.

"The door blocks (in the amount of three units) to the building of the Presidential Office were repaired and installed. New entrance doors were not purchased for replacement," reads the response to the request of the agency.

Thus, a total of UAH 501,549 were spent on repair and restoration work.

At the same time, immediately after the action, Zelenskyy's press service said that, according to preliminary estimates of experts, the repair of the Presidential Office would cost about UAH 2 million.

Later, after making calculations, the State Affairs Department announced that the repair of Zelenskyy's Office after the vandalism of Sternenko's supporters would cost a little more than UAH 1.5 million.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on March 20, protesters in support of Sternenko painted the facade, broke glass on the front doors of the Presidential Office and tried to set fire to a sign on the building.

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