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Kyiv Introduces Advance Payment For Heating

Kyiv Introduces Advance Payment For Heating

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Kyiv introduces recommended advance payment for heating.

Kostiantyn Lopatin, director of the Energozbut structural unit of the Kyivteploenergo utility, said this at a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Realizing that the financial burden during the heating season for each individual family will increase proportionally with the increase and change in tariffs, starting from this month, in bills for June 2021, the Kyiv residents were offered the recommended advance payment precisely in order, firstly, to reduce the financial burden on the household directly during the heating season and, indeed, so that our company has the opportunity to accumulate a certain amount funds for the timely start of the heating season," he said.

Lopatin stressed that the advance payment is voluntary.

It is calculated based on the average cost of heating in the city in 2020 and is approximately UAH 10 per 1 square meter of heating area.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on April 15, Kyiv finished the heating season, 9,500 residential buildings were disconnected from heating.