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Heads Of NBU Licensing Department Resigned In Full Force

Heads Of NBU Licensing Department Resigned In Full Force

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The heads of the licensing department of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) have resigned in full force.

Director of the department Oleksandr Bevz announced this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"This is very sad news for us, but due to certain circumstances, in order to avoid manipulation, we must share it today. Our team of heads of the licensing department in full state has submitted a letter of resignation to the NBU leadership," he wrote.

In particular, resignations were submitted by: department director Oleksandr Bevz, deputy director Kateryna Zhebanova, head of the bank and credit unions licensing department Dmytro Tkachuk and his deputy Bohdan Ilchenko, head of the insurance companies licensing department Dmytro Smal, head of directorate Vadym Romaniuk, who is responsible for financial companies and payment systems, deputy head of the expert-analytical directorate Daria Dashkevych and the chief experts of this directorate Yevhen Vorobiov and Stefan Dzhenkov.

"We sincerely love the NBU and want to work in it in the future. However, the continuation of our work in the National Bank is not yet possible. Centralization of decision-making is in a single pair of hands, replacing collegiality with directive decision-making, in our opinion, is unacceptable in the work of the National Bank of Ukraine," added Bevz.

The statement notes that today the NBU has moved far from the standards of collegial decisions, which threatens a rollback of reforms in the banking sector and regulation of the non-banking sector.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Council of the National Bank had previously agreed on the dismissal of Dmytro Solohub from the post of deputy head of the NBU due to the end of his term of office.