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Cabinet Approves State Program Of National-Patriotic Education Until 2025

Cabinet Approves State Program Of National-Patriotic Education Until 2025

Cabinet, Cabinet of Ministers, social program, national-patriotic education

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the state target social program of national-patriotic education for the period until 2025.

The corresponding resolution was adopted at a government meeting on Wednesday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The program provides for the concentration of efforts on the following priority tasks:

- the formation of Ukrainian civil identity;

- military-patriotic education;
- the formation of scientific-methodological and methodological foundations of national-patriotic education;
- support and cooperation of state authorities and local self-government bodies with civil society institutions regarding national-patriotic education.
The implementation of the priority tasks defined by the program of national-patriotic education will be carried out by:
- enhancing the role of the Ukrainian language as a national identity;
- carrying out information and educational work in order to convey to the population of Ukraine, foreign Ukrainians the content of Ukrainian public and state (national) values;
- overcoming post-totalitarian destructive consequences in the minds of the population;
- overcoming the linguistic and cultural inferiority of Ukrainians;
- promoting the formation of anti-corruption, political, legal, moral and ethical forms of public consciousness;
- ensuring the conduct of events of the national-patriotic direction, including those timed to public holidays;
- increasing the level of knowledge about outstanding personalities of the Ukrainian state, fighters for the independence of Ukraine;
- improving the legal culture of the Ukrainian society;
- the formation of the defense consciousness of the population;
- popularization and enhancement of the prestige of military and special civil service;
- formation of understanding and support by the Ukrainian population of the state policy in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration and practical steps towards rapprochement with NATO, preserving Ukrainian national values ​​at the core;
- the formation of a respectful attitude towards the heroes of the struggle of the Ukrainian people for gaining independence of Ukraine.
It is noted that the approximate amount of funding for the program is UAH 324 million, including UAH 122 million - from the state budget, UAH 189 million - from local budgets, UAH 13 million - from other sources.
As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier the Cabinet of Ministers appointed the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleh Nemchinov as the head of the interdepartmental commission on issues of national-patriotic education.