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Dubilet And UCAB President Lissitsa Launch Online Agricultural Land Market

Dubilet And UCAB President Lissitsa Launch Online Agricultural Land Market

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Former Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmytro Dubilet and President of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business association (UCAB) Alex Lissitsa have launched a platform for the purchase and sale of agricultural land - the Dobrozem online market.

They announced this on their Facebook pages, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“We managed to launch the first land market in Ukraine, Dobrozem,” Lissitsa wrote.

Dubilet noted that the owners of the shares will be able to post an advertisement on the website and start receiving offers from potential buyers, and buyers, in turn, using the filter system will be able to find interesting land plots and make offers on them.

According to him, the Dobrozem support service will help sellers at all stages of the sale of land (notaries, banks, appraisers, tenants with a priority right of purchase).

Besides, the site has an integrated satellite imagery system to display detailed data on meteorological history and crops for each land plot.

Dubilet also clarified that the platform develops a network of representatives in the regions, since the owners of the land are often elderly villagers.

Lissitsa believes that the land market will be an effective tool for both investors who want to buy land and land owners who want to sell it at market prices.

At the moment, the site has the opportunity to submit information about your share, and the support service will help you assess whether all the documents are in order, as well as assess the potential value of the site.

In July, when the market launches, the site will be fully operational.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the law on the launch of the land market comes into force on July 1.