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27,500 People Died From Coronavirus Out Of 242,700 Deaths In 4M - State Statistics Service

27,500 People Died From Coronavirus Out Of 242,700 Deaths In 4M - State Statistics Service

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In January-April, 242,671 people died in Ukraine, including 27,585 people from COVID-19.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement of the State Statistics Service.

In 27,176 people, the coronavirus was identified during life, and in 409 - after death.

During the specified period, 8,447 people died from respiratory diseases (including 6,691 from influenza and pneumonia).

Most people died from diseases of the circulatory system - 150,573 people (of which 105,172 - from coronary heart disease).

24,532 people died from the formation of tumors (of them 24,333 from malignant).

9,207 people died from external causes (947 of them as a result of transport accidents, 740 from alcohol poisoning, 438 as a result of an attack for the purpose of murder and injury, and 1,764 from intentional self-harm).

8,276 people died from diseases of the digestive system (606 of them from alcoholic liver disease).

2,162 people died from infectious and parasitic diseases (1,006 of them from tuberculosis, 791 from the immunodeficiency virus (HIV)).

1,436 people died from diseases of the nervous system.

It is noted that the information is given without taking into account the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to the Ministry of Health, on June 22, the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Ukraine increased by 835 to 2,230,977, the number of deaths from the disease - by 70 people to 52,123.

According to the State Statistics Service, in January-March, out of 174,000 who died, 15,000 people died from coronavirus.

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