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Rozhkova To Remain NBU Deputy Head For At Least 4 More Years

Rozhkova To Remain NBU Deputy Head For At Least 4 More Years

National Bank of Ukraine, Kateryna Rozhkova

The National Bank of Ukraine’s First Deputy Governor Kateryna Rozhkova intends to remain in her post for at least four more years.

Rozhkova announced this on Facebook, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to her, each of her years at the National Bank gave her something that can never be taken away: incredible experience, stability, polished values, outstanding people, emotions, and a community that will forever remain.

“There are at least four more years ahead of me at the National Bank. I am very grateful to everyone with whom I have worked and continue to work for your civic and professional position, your adherence to principles, and your dedication. Despite the fact that it is sometimes difficult, I am optimistic about our joint future at the National Bank," she wrote.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Council of the National Bank reprimanded Rozhkova and the bank’s Deputy Governor Dmytro Solohub for violating the bank’s regulatory acts on October 2, 2020.

The National Bank of Ukraine’s Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko explained that Rozhkova and Solohub were reprimanded for violating the bank's communication strategy.

The embassy of the United States in Ukraine later expressed concern at the decision to reprimand Rozhkova and Solohub.

Rozhkova and Solohub filed a lawsuit with the District Administrative Court of Kyiv in December 2020. The court declared Rozhkova's reprimand unlawful.


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