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State Fiscal Service Raids Naftogaz

State Fiscal Service Raids Naftogaz

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The State Fiscal Service has raided the Naftogaz of Ukraine national energy company.

The State Fiscal Service announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The State Fiscal Service is continuing the pre-trial investigation of the criminal proceedings against Naftogaz of Ukraine officials suspected of evading value-added tax totaling UAH 2.7 billion.

According to the statement, Naftogaz of Ukraine officials have not completed the customs clearance of the natural gas that was purchased from the Gazprom gas company (Russia) from October 2015 to the present, as a result of which VAT totaling UAH 2.7 billion has not been paid.

Besides, according to the statement, thermal energy producers are using natural gas from the Ukrainian gas transmission system but Naftogaz of Ukraine is not filing gas supply documents and not signing the corresponding certificates of acceptance, arguing that it does not supply gas but provides gas balancing services in the gas transmission system, as a result of which gas supply operations are not documented.

Employees of the State Fiscal Service have collected enough evidence of tax evasion during the investigation, the statement said.

The evidence obtained shows that Naftogaz of Ukraine officials did not submit to the SFS Energy Customs the complete package of documents necessary for the Ukrainian customs authorities to perform customs clearance of the natural gas.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the State Fiscal Service has raised several public utilities in Kyiv.