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Health Ministry Proposes Cabinet Extend Quarantine Restrictions Until September

Health Ministry Proposes Cabinet Extend Quarantine Restrictions Until September

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The Ministry of Health proposes the Cabinet of Ministers extend the quarantine restrictions until the end of the summer.

Health Minister Viktor Liashko announced this at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We will invite the government to consider extending the quarantine restrictions for the summer period, since the coronavirus has not been overcome. And we must keep anti-epidemic restrictions, in particular the mandatory wearing of masks in public buildings and transport, as well as a responsible attitude to maintaining physical distance and not forgetting about hand hygiene," he said.

Liashko noted that if the situation in the country deteriorates, the Ministry of Health will respond promptly and introduce appropriate levels of epidemic danger.

At the same time, he stressed that if outbreaks of coronavirus occur in individual territorial communities or regions of Ukraine, this will have a direct impact on the situation in the entire country.

"The Ministry of Health has already developed proposals for the existence in a green level of anti-epidemic security, which will give even more opportunities for recreation in the summer, business work, and travelling. In particular, we plan to abolish the requirements for the occupancy of halls, allow the full functioning of gyms, and also to simplify the process of crossing the border after returning from summer vacations," Liashko added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Liashko had previously forecasted a relaxation of quarantine restrictions in the summer.

He noted that now in Ukraine there is a stabilization of the epidemic situation, which makes it possible to make some relaxation.