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Cabinet Develops Ukraine's Foreign Policy Strategy Until 2025 For NSDC Approval

Cabinet Develops Ukraine's Foreign Policy Strategy Until 2025 For NSDC Approval

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The Cabinet of Ministers has developed a Foreign Policy Strategy of Ukraine for the period of 2021-2024 for approval by the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC).

The corresponding draft presidential decree on the approval of the Strategy was approved at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Among the goals and priorities of the state, the Strategy names countering the aggressor state, ensuring sovereignty and restoring peace and territorial integrity of Ukraine within the internationally recognized state border; bringing Russia to international legal responsibility; counteracting disinformation directed against the interests and image of Ukraine; creating a safe environment through diplomatic means.

The Strategy provides for Ukraine to gain membership in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); promoting foreign trade and investment; technological and environmental transformation of Ukraine; protection of the rights and interests of Ukrainians abroad; ensuring freedom of movement of Ukrainians in the world; formation and promotion of a positive image of Ukraine in the world.

To counter Russian aggression, it is envisaged to expand the circle of countries that actively support territorial integrity and sovereignty in the confrontation with Russia; work out with NATO, its member states and Georgia initiatives to strengthen the presence of the Alliance forces in the Black Sea region; promote initiatives aimed at ensuring freedom of navigation in the Black Sea and Azov Seas.

It is noted that the National Security Strategy of Ukraine determines that Ukraine's relations with the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France have a strategic priority.

Besides, the importance of strategic partnership with Poland, Turkey, as well as with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania and the establishment of such a partnership with Romania to ensure stability in Central and Eastern Europe, in the region of the Azov, Black, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas is stressed.

Ukraine also intends to develop strategic partnerships with China, Brazil and global partnerships with Japan, and considers India an important partner.

In relations with Belarus, Ukraine intends to demonstrate solidarity with the Belarusian people in their desire to develop a European, democratic and legal state, to prevent the collapse of sovereignty in favor of Russia.

It is noted that the development of pragmatic trade and economic cooperation with Belarus is in the interests of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on March 11, the NSDC approved a strategy for the de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea.