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NBU’s International Reserves Down 0.6% To USD 27.8 Billion In May

NBU’s International Reserves Down 0.6% To USD 27.8 Billion In May

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In May, international reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) decreased by 0.6% to USD 27.8 billion.

The NBU has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

As of June 1, international reserves, according to preliminary data, amounted to USD 27.839 billion (in equivalent).

In May, they decreased by 0.6% due to the repayment of external and internal obligations of the state, which were partially offset by foreign exchange earnings in favor of the government.

It is noted that the total volume of payments by the government to service and repay public debt in foreign currency amounted to USD 650.6 million (in equivalent).

In particular, USD 529.3 million was spent on servicing and redeeming domestic government domestic loan bonds, the rest - to fulfill other government obligations in foreign currency.

At the same time, foreign exchange earnings in favor of the government amounted to USD 417.9 million, of which USD 354.3 million came from the placement of government domestic loan bonds.

Besides, in May, the National Bank and the government paid USD 64.3 million (in equivalent) to the International Monetary Fund.

Revaluation of financial instruments (due to changes in market value and exchange rates) in the last month gave an additional USD 136.8 million dollars (in equivalent).

The interbank foreign exchange market was balanced in May, so the National Bank did not conduct foreign exchange interventions.

The current volume of international reserves covers 4.2 months of future imports, which is sufficient to meet the obligations of Ukraine and the current operations of the government and the National Bank.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2020, Ukraine's international reserves increased by 15% and as of January 1, 2021, they amounted to USD 29.1 billion (in equivalent).

In March, the international reserves of the National Bank fell by 5% to USD 27.035 billion.

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