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Zelenskyy Signs Decree On Planting 1 Billion Trees In Ukraine In 3 Years

Zelenskyy Signs Decree On Planting 1 Billion Trees In Ukraine In 3 Years

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree launching the Green Country environmental program, which provides for the planting of 1 billion trees over three years, which will help increase the forest area by 1 million hectares over 10 years.

He announced this during the Ukraine 30 forum, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“We are starting the Green Country project. We have set ourselves an ambitious, but I am sure, an achievable goal - to increase the forest area by 1 million hectares in 10 years. For this, in the next three years, we want to plant 1 billion trees in Ukraine,” he said and signed a decree on the start of the program.

Zelenskyy assured that this is not a political, but an environmental project.

During his speech, the President focused on the importance of the authorities' work on environmental control and combating industrial pollution.

The head of state called waste management one of the main directions of environmental policy.

“Unfortunately, at a time when many countries are already recycling 99% of waste, in Ukraine only 6% is recycled,” he stated.

In this context, Zelenskyy noted that a bill on waste management has already been developed.

He also recalled that by the decision of the National Security and Defense Council, a full audit of the subsoil and their users began.

"We are doing everything so that the subsoil works for our future generations, including so that there are grounds for the introduction of an economic passport of a Ukrainian, when each of our children will receive a percentage of the extraction of subsoil and will be able to use these funds for training and education in Ukraine," he said.

The President also announced a comprehensive audit of all water resources in the country.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy signed a law banning the distribution of plastic bags up to 50 microns thick in retail and restaurant facilities from January 1, 2022.