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Ex-MP Levchenko, Declared Wanted By SSU, Returns To Ukraine

Ex-MP Levchenko, Declared Wanted By SSU, Returns To Ukraine

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Former member of the parliament Mykola Levchenko (Party of Regions), who was put on the wanted list by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), has returned to Ukraine.

Levchenko's lawyer Oleh Kurchin announced this in a statement on Facebook, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

A photograph of Kurchin with Levchenko near the lawyer's office in Kyiv was attached to the statement.

"The Kurchin and Partners law firm has won the case against Ukraine at the ECHR on behalf of Mykola Levchenko, and it has been ordered to pay a compensation of EUR 1,100 to our client, thus putting an end to the cases that were entered in the ERDR (Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations)," Kurchin wrote.

Earlier, Levchenko was served with notification of suspicion under Section 3 of Article 161 of the Criminal Code (violation of the equality of citizens based on their race, nationality, or attitude to religion).

Levchenko described the case against him as "political persecution."

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the SSU put former parliamentarians Levchenko and Kolesnichenko on its wanted list in 2015.

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