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Ukraine And Georgia To Agree On Mutual Recognition Of Documents On Vaccination Against Coronavirus In Near Fut

Ukraine And Georgia To Agree On Mutual Recognition Of Documents On Vaccination Against Coronavirus In Near Future

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Ukraine and Georgia intend to conclude agreements on the mutual recognition of documents on vaccination against coronavirus in the near future.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said this during a briefing following a meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili in Tbilisi, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The important thing was the agreement on the conclusion in the near future of agreements on the mutual recognition of documents on vaccination. This should make it as easy as possible for our citizens, who will willingly visit both our countries, to cross the border," Shmyhal said.

The Prime Minister stressed that relations between Ukraine and Georgia are based on common goals, which, first of all, are in the European association and association with NATO, noting that joining the EU and NATO is only a matter of time for Georgia and Ukraine.

Shmyhal also noted that the continuing destabilizing actions by Russia in the Black Sea region are encouraging Ukraine and Georgia to cooperate more closely in the security sphere.

The Prime Minister noted that Ukraine will join as a co-author of the draft resolution of the UN General Assembly on the withdrawal of Russian military formations illegally located in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as on the status of internally displaced persons and refugees in these Georgian territories.

Shmyhal added that the agreements reached during the negotiations between Ukraine and Georgia will become an impetus for the intensification of bilateral trade and economic cooperation, the development of joint investment and infrastructure, logistics projects, which, in turn, will contribute to strengthening coordination in the field of tourism and the fight against the coronavirus infection pandemic.

Besides, Ukraine and Georgia agreed to pay special attention to the joint development of international transport corridors, as well as freight traffic between the Black Sea ports.

Also, Ukraine and Georgia agreed to promote the development of green energy.

According to Shmyhal, this will be facilitated by the signing of a memorandum on the development of renewable energy markets in Ukraine and Georgia.

Shmyhal also noted that the construction of the Lesia Ukrainka Museum-Library in the city of Surami in Georgia will be completed in the near future.

Shmyhal thanked the Prime Minister of Georgia for the warm welcome of the Ukrainian delegation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Shmyhal is on an official visit to Georgia on June 2-4.