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4,800 People Vaccinated At Coronavirus Mass Vaccination Centers Over Weekend - Health Ministry

4,800 People Vaccinated At Coronavirus Mass Vaccination Centers Over Weekend - Health Ministry

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Over the weekend, 4,800 people were vaccinated at mass vaccination centers against the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv, the first pilot centers for mass vaccination against COVID-19 were launched. In just two days, 4,849 people were vaccinated there. The vaccination was carried out with the CoronaVac vaccine produced by Sinovac. In total, 21 mobile teams worked," the statement says.

In Kyiv, the center was opened on the basis of the International Exhibition Center, in Lviv - the Arena Lviv stadium, in Odesa - the stadium of the Odesa Law Academy.

The Ministry of Health notes that the pilot centers are working out the algorithm for mass vaccination in large rooms and recommends that other regions follow the example and open centers based on sports, cultural facilities and exhibition halls, since the infrastructure of such buildings is designed for large flows of people.

This allows creating conditions for maintaining a safe distance between visitors and a mandatory waiting period after vaccination.

"The mass vaccination centers in the first stages will work on weekends. They will vaccinate citizens who have signed up for the COVID-19 vaccination waiting list in the Diia application or website, or through the contact center of the Ministry of Health. They will be vaccinating only those people, who were previously invited for vaccination by phone call. Priority will be given to the elderly," said the statement.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Coronavirus Vaccination Center began operating in Kyiv at the International Exhibition Center.

In order to be vaccinated, you must have your passport, identification code, mobile phone to confirm your appointment for vaccination in the Diia application and, preferably, a copy of the declaration with your doctor.