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Days of melanoma in Ukraine: everyone can get free diagnostics of moles

Days of melanoma in Ukraine: everyone can get free diagnostics of moles

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Participants of the action
Participants of the action "Days of melanoma in Ukraine". Photo by press service.

Solomiya Vitvitskaya, Lilia Rebryk, Santa Dimopulos, Laura Marty, Irma Vitovskaya, Ilona Gvozdeva, Anna Rizatdinova, Dasha Kvitkova, Nadezhda Matveeva, Dasha Tregubova – incredibly beautiful artistic photographs of these girls can be seen in the DREAM TOWN shopping center at the end of May and throughout and at the same time visit the area for free diagnostics of moles, which is located nearby.

The action "Days of melanoma in Ukraine".

DREAM TOWN shopping and entertainment center, Hollywood atrium (3rd floor, near the Oscar cinema), a grandiose photo exhibition was opened as part of the SkinScan social project. I protect my skin. The main idea of ​​the exhibition, which was supported by many Ukrainian stars, is to draw attention to the problem of melanoma in Ukraine, which is growing and getting younger every year. Within a month and a half, all visitors to the DREAM TOWN shopping center will have the opportunity to consult a dermato-oncologist for FREE and diagnose their moles.

“Every person has moles on their skin, and each of us has been sunburned at least once in our lives, which means that to one degree or another we are all at risk,” says the founder of the SkinScan social project. I take care of my skin, dermato-oncologist Andrey Lisetskiy. - Unfortunately, in our country there is no culture of correct behavior in the sun and regular visits to a dermatologist. Therefore, if in the USA, where early diagnosis is practiced, about 97% of melanoma patients recover completely and return to a full life, then in our country this figure is less than 50%. How can this be changed? There is only one method - at least once a year, especially after a vacation in hot countries, visit a dermatologist."

Dermato-oncologist Andrey Lisetskiy.

Faces of the SkinScan photo project. I took care of my skin, ten famous Ukrainian women have become who share the values ​​of the project and lead a healthy lifestyle. Seven of them – Solomiya Vitvitskaya, Lilia Rebryk, Laura Marty, Irma Vitovskaya, Ilona Gvozdeva, Anna Rizatdinova, Dasha Tregubova – came to the presentation of the project and said touching words in support of it.

“This topic is very painful for me, my dad left this terrible disease,” said Ilona Gvozdeva, a dancer, choreographer, winner of the “Dancing with the Stars” project, with tears in her eyes. Therefore, I was very indignant when I heard that journalists do not want to put information about cancer on their airs and pages, since this topic does not give ratings and traffic ... Is it possible to think in such categories when it comes to the life of our relatives, loved ones, friends, compatriots? I am here today because I want every person in Ukraine to learn how important the prevention of melanoma is, how much grief can be avoided through early diagnosis..."

The action "Days of melanoma in Ukraine".

“Unfortunately, in our country there is really a very low awareness of the effect of the sun on our skin, the danger posed by some moles, and the fact that skin cancer is growing,” world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Anna Rizatdinova explained why she supports the project. Personally, I thought about how important it is to follow the skin in which we spend our whole life, only when I was invited to participate in the project and explained its mission. And now I know for sure that there will be new habits in my life - to follow the rules of safe tanning and be sure to visit a dermatologist once a year..."

Nelya Shovkoplyas, the host of "Snidanоk z 1+1", who brilliantly held the opening ceremony of the exhibition, was so inspired by the ideas of the SkinScan social project. – "I take care of my skin that the very next day I came to the DREAM TOWN shopping center and became one of the first visitors to the location for free diagnostics of moles. She shared her experience of communicating with a dermato-oncologist, like other star participants in the project, on social networks".

The action "Days of melanoma in Ukraine".

What is SkinScan?

SkinScan is a social project focused on the prevention of melanoma and other manifestations of skin oncology in Ukraine and effective fight against them.

SkinScan is hundreds of unique topics, photos, videos, backstages, interviews with specialized specialists, patients, opinion leaders in order to draw the attention of Ukrainians to the health of the skin – an organ in which a person spends his whole life.

SkinScan – these are important and sensitive topics that have never been widely spread in Ukraine before.

SkinScan is a large-scale non-stop informational project dedicated to the day of melanoma in the world. The active phase of the project is from February to May annually.

Why are we doing this?

According to statistics, in Ukraine, only 5% of people who have never had and do not have any skin problems. However, most skin conditions are curable or aesthetic defects in the skin.

But at the same time, at least 5% per 100 thousand people of people in the world annually develop skin cancer and its most aggressive form – melanoma. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, the case rate is on average 2% higher than in Europe and the United States.

According to statistics, in the United States, about 95-97% of melanoma patients fully recover, recover and return to a full life. In Ukraine, this figure is at least two times lower!Melanoma is significantly younger. If in the age group 60+ the number of cases is relatively stable, then in the age group 0-30 years, there is an increase in patients.

What we want to convey and change:

• in Ukraine there is no culture of sunburn and culture of moderate exposure to the sun

• low oncological alertness, both among ordinary people and among professionals

• state clinics do not have modern diagnostic equipment, especially early• low awareness of the population about melanoma and its causes

• the ecology is deteriorating, which affects the development of tumor processes• blatant illiteracy, sometimes at the level of superstition, in relation to moles and neoplasms on the skin

• a huge number of cases of self-medication, which often lead to fatal consequences

• there is no culture of regular preventive visits to a dermatologist

• low awareness, limited knowledge of laser technologies as the most effective in the treatment of melanoma, distrust of laser technologies, both among patients and among medical workersWho do we do it for:

• For patients who need help, and for those who are at risk (by hereditary factor): informing about modern diagnostic and treatment options

• For a wide audience: instilling a culture of sun exposure, a culture of regular visits to a dermatologist for preventive purposes (at least once a year, preferably after a trip to the south), a broad spectrum educational program on skin health

• For journalists: building understanding of the importance of the topic and coverage, informed cooperation

• For specialists: educational projects aimed at improving qualifications, expanding knowledge of the possibilities of laser technologies.

We asked famous people and opinion leaders to support the project the most important theses of the SkinScan project. I protect my skin.

The skin is an organ in which a person lives all his life. But often she cares much less about her than about clothes.

95% of Americans are completely cured of melanoma and return to a full life, while in Ukraine this figure is almost half. The main reason for the high mortality rate from melanoma is the lack of information about melanoma, inattention to moles on your body.

How can this be changed?

Only once a year, preferably after visiting hot countries or at the end of the summer season, visit a dermatologist!

Just come to the dermatologist and show your moles!

We believe that thanks to the support of stars and opinion leaders, information about prevention, timely diagnosis and effective treatment will reach every Ukrainian, will enter every home, save thousands of lives!

Take care of your skin as I do! – with this message we came to the SkinScan project. I protect my skin public people and opinion leaders.The gallery of faces of the project will be updated annually.

Project status: non-stop annually.

Active phase of the project: melanoma days in May, annually.

The action "Days of melanoma in Ukraine".

Founder of the project: leading dermato-oncologist Andrey Lisetskiy.

Project partners: a network of CALM clinics, on the basis of which free diagnostics of all comers will be carried out on the basis of melanoma, DREAM TOWN SEC is an organizational partner, on the territory of which an exhibition is open and a diagnostic point is located.

Project producers: Ivanna Slaboshpitskaya, Elena Skachko.

Media partner: Viva! The first magazine about famous people.

Official photographer of the project: Oleg Bogdan, art director of Viva! Magazine, photographer of the world's leading glossy media, including Vogue, photographer of the UN social project "No to Violence!" and the state social project "Your boundaries". He currently lives and works in Los Angeles. I came to Ukraine to specially support the SkinScan project. I protect my skin

The exhibition and the point of free diagnostics of moles operate at:

SEC DREAM TOWN, Hollywood atrium (3rd floor near the Oscar cinema).

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