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EU May Recognize Ukrainian Vaccination Certificates After Introducing Its Own And Allowing Entry From Ukraine

EU May Recognize Ukrainian Vaccination Certificates After Introducing Its Own And Allowing Entry From Ukraine - European Union Delegation

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The European Union may decide to recognize the vaccination certificates of third countries after the launch of its own digital system of ‘green certificates’ and the relaxation of requirements for travelers, while in the case of permission for entry for tourism, the fact of vaccination can be confirmed directly from the EU, without waiting for a decision on the compliance of the national certificate.

Press officer of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine Maria Malcheva has announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"In general, we are open to working with our partners in the mutual recognition of certificates that meet international standards and are similarly protected. As a first step, we need to implement this system in the EU. We are on schedule to launch it by June," she reported.

At that, she noted that the "digital green certificate" of the European Union will not be a condition for travel, like a passport, but is created to harmonize the approach to various documents and certificates offered by different EU member states.

"It is important to note that at the moment, non-essential travel to the EU is limited from most countries of the world, including from Ukraine," Malcheva said.

EU member states are now considering proposals from the European Commission to ease existing restrictions on tourists.

It is, firstly, about the permission to enter the territory of the European Union for everyone who received the last dose of the vaccine authorized in the EU, and possibly also those vaccines that are included in the list of the World Health Organization for emergency use.

Secondly, it concerns raising the threshold for new daily cases of the coronavirus to expand the list of countries from which everyone is allowed to travel.

“Citizens of non-EU countries will be able to request a 'digital green certificate' from the Member State to which they are traveling, providing all the necessary information, including reliable proof of vaccination. The Member State will then have to assess whether reliable evidence has been provided and decide whether to issue a ‘digital green certificate’,” explained the delegation’s spokeswoman.

After this system starts working, the European Union will consider the issue of accepting certificates from third countries on the same terms as their own.

"In the medium term, when the Commission is convinced that the third country issues certificates in accordance with the requirements that are compatible with the EU system, it can decide on compliance," Malcheva said.

At that, she once again emphasized that this only applies to the recognition of certificates confirming vaccination or Covid status, while the restriction on travel to the EU remains in force.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Health plans to launch a ‘Covid’ certificate by July 1.