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Klitschko Calls Masterminds Behind Attack On Kyiv City State Administration “Yanukovych’s Successors”

Klitschko Calls Masterminds Behind Attack On Kyiv City State Administration “Yanukovych’s Successors”

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The attack on the capital’s authorities is going under the scheme once utilized by Yanukovych against Chernovetskyi.

UDAR’s leader / Kyiv City Mayor, Vitali Klitschko, said this in his address on numerous searches conducted in the capital.

“Everything looks biased… just as an action prepared in a rush. It is aimed at raising noise and throwing mud at the capital’s authorities and me personally. I can tell you only one thing: you’re currently falling back to the scheme Yanukovych once used against Chernovetskyi. Therefore, the creative “lawyers” behind this special operation remain the same. But please keep in mind that I am not Chernovetskyi. And you are Yanukovych’s successors. Do you remember where he [Chernovetskyi] is now?” the politician said.

He noted that law enforcers are conducting “public” searches within the framework of criminal proceedings using the materials handed over by the Kyiv City State Administration earlier.

"Today, the searches and inspections are being conducted under the materials we had handed over to them earlier. …under the violations we revealed ourselves. What have the law enforcement bodies been fiddling with then? The city handed over some materials under some cases long two years ago," Klitschko said.

He called on the law enforcers to report on the status of cases involving the documents the Kyiv City State Administration had given as a result of audits conducted.

"Since 2015, the Internal Financial Control and Audit Department of the Kyiv City State Administration has provided 385 inspections and handed over to law enforcers the records on 316 objects of audit. A total of 168 criminal cases have been registered under those records. However, here is a question: what is up with the other cases?" said Klitschko.

As earlier reported, Vitali Klitschko has called for a halt in putting pressure on the Kyiv’s authorities as illegal actions damage international image of Ukraine.