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MP Medvedchuk Leaves OPG And States He Does Not Intend To Flee Ukraine

MP Medvedchuk Leaves OPG And States He Does Not Intend To Flee Ukraine

Viktor Medvedchuk, high treason, Opposition Platform - For Life, Office of Prosecutor General

Verkhovna Rada Member Viktor Medvedchuk (Opposition Platform - For Life faction) has left the Office of Prosecutor General (OPG) and announced that he did not intend to hide from the investigation, let alone hide abroad.

He said this after leaving the building of the Office of Prosecutor General, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"No, of course. I'm not going to run away anywhere. I won't give such pleasure to anyone," Medvedchuk said.

According to him, some time ago high-ranking officials of the state suggested that he leave Ukraine and hide somewhere, but he would not do this.

"I will defend myself and seek justice," the MP said.

He also denies all accusations of the prosecutors and the SSU against him.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Medvedchuk said that he was in Ukraine and did not intend to hide from justice.

The Security Service of Ukraine says that Medvedchuk handed over secret information about the deployment of a Ukrainian military unit to the Russian authorities in 2020.

Earlier, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova signed a suspicion of high treason and attempted plunder of national resources in Crimea to Members of the Rada from the Opposition Platform - For Life Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak.