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Pension Fund Deficit UAH 7.6 Billion In 4M

Pension Fund Deficit UAH 7.6 Billion In 4M

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In January-April 2021, the Pension Fund deficit amounted to UAH 7.6 billion.

This is evidenced by the Pension Fund’s data, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Revenues for this period amounted to UAH 159.6 billion, and expenses - UAH 167.2 billion.

Of the total income, UAH 56.1 billion made funds of the state budget, UAH 103.5 billion - the fund's own revenues, including UAH 9.6 billion received from the state budget for certain categories of insured persons and covering the lost amount of funds from the application of the preferential amount of a single contribution.

In April, the total revenues of the Pension Fund amounted to UAH 42.9 billion, and expenses - UAH 43.1 billion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in early May, Ukrainian non-state pension funds began to invest their savings in the securities of foreign companies, admitted by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market to circulation on the territory of Ukraine.

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