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Ukrainian Research Foundation Financed Development Of 2 Vaccines Against Coronavirus, 3rd Financed By Business

Ukrainian Research Foundation Financed Development Of 2 Vaccines Against Coronavirus, 3rd Financed By Business - Deputy Health Minister Liashko

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Deputy Minister of Health – Senior Medical Officer Viktor Liashko states that the Ukrainian Research Foundation financed the development of two Ukrainian vaccines against coronavirus, the third is financed by the business.

He said this in an interview with Segodnya publication, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The Ukrainian Research Foundation financed on a competitive basis the development of two vaccines. This is the Institute of Cell Biology in Lviv, which is headed by Academician Andrii Sibirnyi. He is developing a vaccine where the coronavirus protein is grown on yeast ... Now scientists are conducting research in laboratory conditions until September. And then the process of manufacturing of a dosage form and conducting preclinical studies will begin, first on animals. This is a long process. At the moment we are monitoring the approach, and then a decision will be made whether this drug will go to the clinic or not. There will be publications and assessments of international experts. The second vaccine is being developed at the Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, headed by Academician Serhii Komissarenko. A vaccine is being developed there according to a similar principle, but using a different technology. The result is expected in autumn," he said.

Liashko noted that at the Palladin Institute of Biochemistry also expressed their readiness to develop their own mRNA vaccine; now the institute is looking for an opportunity to start development.

According to Liashko, the third vaccine is being developed by non-state institutions; it is handled by the international expert in the field of healthcare and epidemiology, Mykhailo Favorov, and the Diaprof-Med company (Kyiv).

"There is one vaccine that is being developed not by government institutions, but by a business with a group of scientists, who have declared that they have neutralized the virus on cells. They are currently at the stage of manufacturing a dosage form to begin clinical trials ... The government has not invested in this development," Liashko said.

According to the deputy minister, the option of producing its own vaccine is currently being considered.

Besides, the Ministry of Health has held talks with several embassies and is awaiting certain decisions on the possibility of transferring technologies for the production of vaccines from COVID-19 in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksii Danilov said earlier that Ukraine has developed three prototypes of vaccines against coronavirus.