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China reduces homework load in schools

China reduces homework load in schools

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Education in China. Photo by Xinhua.
Education in China. Photo by Xinhua.

Chinese primary and junior high school students will no longer get overloaded by homework from teachers or after-school training institutions, informs The Xinhua News Agency.

Primary schools should ensure that students in the first and second grades do not have written homework. Those in higher grades should complete their homework within one hour, a circular issued by the Ministry of Education stated.

Junior high school students will spend a maximum of one and a half hours on written homework each day, the circular said. It called for an appropriate amount of homework, even for weekends and summer and winter holidays.

After-school training institutions are prohibited from giving any homework to primary and junior high school students, the circular said.

Besides the workload amount, schools are required to adjust the form and content of homework in accordance with the traits of different schooling stages and subjects, as well as the needs and abilities of students.

The circular called for assigning diversified homework, covering science, physical exercise, art, social work, and individualized and inter-disciplinary homework.

It also forbids giving homework to parents, directly or indirectly, or leaving homework corrections to parents.

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