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TV Presenter Prytula To Combine Political And TV Activities

TV Presenter Prytula To Combine Political And TV Activities

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Serhii Prytula, TV presenter and member of the Holos party, intends to continue combining political and television activities.

He said this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Prytula noted that among all the work that he does, television brings the most income.

He also stressed that he does not see a problem in allocating 25 days out of 365 days in a year for filming for the Novyi Kanal.

"This year I have to shoot in 50 programs for the Novyi Kanal, 35-36 episodes are shooting in late June and mid-July. I shoot about two programs in one day. 50 divided by two - 25 workdays a year, this is my involvement in the Novyi Kanal. Plus three broadcasts when I comment on Eurovision on STB - that's three more days. In total - 28 days. Therefore, I probably spend less time on this work, than the MPs have a rest," summed up the party member.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Prytula said that he sees himself as the new leader of the Holos party.

In August 2020, being a candidate for mayor of Kyiv, Prytula announced that he had left the team of the Variaty Show humorous show.

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