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Iran Responds To No Ukraine’s Inquiries As For Names, Positions And Articles Allegedly Incriminated To 10 Pers

Iran Responds To No Ukraine’s Inquiries As For Names, Positions And Articles Allegedly Incriminated To 10 Persons Accused Of Downing UIA Plane

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Iran did not respond to numerous requests from Ukraine about names, positions and articles incriminated to 10 persons allegedly accused of the crash of a Ukrainian UIA flight plane over Tehran in 2020.

This is stated in a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The Ukrainian side has learned from the media about ten persons who were charged in connection with the downing of the Ukrainian plane. Iran did not notify Ukraine, despite numerous requests, either about the names and positions of the persons, or even about the articles being charged against them," it says.

Ukraine believes that the low level of cooperation between investigators and law enforcement agencies under the Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Civil and Criminal Matters, as well as the Montreal Convention, indicates Iran's failure to comply with its international legal obligations.

The Foreign Ministry is disappointed with the explanations of Iran during two rounds of talks on the causes of the disaster and considers them to be a manipulation.

"Iran insists on the version of human error as the only correct one. At the same time, there is no analysis of the causes and chain of events that led to it, if such a mistake really became fatal. This couldn’t help causing justified indignation and disappointment of Ukraine," the comment says.

The ministry recalled that Ukraine had submitted more than 90 pages of comments on Iran's draft final report on the results of a technical investigation into the causes of the plane crash, but they were never taken into account.

"Ukraine will not take on faith any version of the PS752 downing that would not be confirmed by real evidence. Iran, on the other hand, is trying with all its might to promote an advantageous version of a human error, and, surprisingly, Iran does not even try to analyze the reasons that led to the fatal error, if it really was the cause of the disaster. This means that the right conclusions will be drawn and the safety of civil aviation will not improve. It also means that any civilian aircraft in the Iranian airspace could at any time be shot down to repeat the fate of PS752," explains the Foreign Ministry.

Ukraine explains the pause since the last meeting of the parties in October 2020 precisely with the duration and degree of effectiveness and impartiality of the investigation.

"Iran has not yet provided Ukraine with the lion's share of the materials, including facts and evidence that it promised to provide six months ago," the ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry underlines its firm intention to do its best to reveal the true causes of the disaster.

Ukraine also expects that the Iranian leadership "has enough courage, wisdom and foresight not only to take responsibility for the disaster, but also to accept all its consequences."

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on January 8, 2020, shortly after departure from Tehran airport, a Boeing of the Kyiv-based Ukraine International Airlines air company (PS752) crashed.

The disaster killed all 176 people on board.

Among them were citizens of seven countries, including 11 Ukrainians (all 9 crew members and 2 passengers).

On January 11, Iran admitted that it had shot down a Ukrainian plane with a missile.

At the same time, only at the end of July, Iran provided access to the "black boxes" of the aircraft.

Until the end of the investigation, Ukraine is not ready to agree with Iran's assertion that the plane was shot down due to human error and believes that the main issue in the investigation into the circumstances of the downing is possible interference with the Iranian airspace control system.

In early January 2021, Iran handed over to Ukraine a draft technical report on the causes of the plane crash.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, called it an attempt to hide the true causes of the disaster.

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