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Kyiv Decides To Introduce Travel On Public Transport With Special Passes And Completely Close Schools And Kind

Kyiv Decides To Introduce Travel On Public Transport With Special Passes And Completely Close Schools And Kindergartens From April 5 To 16

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Kyiv has decided to introduce travel on public transport with special passes and completely close schools and kindergartens from April 5 to 16.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote about this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Kyiv will introduce stricter restrictions... From Monday, April 5, the capital will close all schools and kindergartens. All public transport - both ground and metro - will operate on special passenger passes. That is, exclusively for the transportation of workers of critical infrastructure enterprises," he wrote.

Klitschko asks the heads of institutions, enterprises and institutions to send employees to remote work or, if possible, provide a vacation.

Catering establishments will only be allowed to operate takeaway or delivery.

Food fairs are also canceled from April 1.

The mayor called on law enforcement officers to monitor compliance with anti-epidemic rules by institutions and citizens.

According to the report, the restrictions will be in effect until at least April 16.

"I hope this will help us to stem the wave of the rapid spread of the virus. And to prevent tragic consequences. We have introduced restrictions. But we see that the situation is not improving. The medical system is choking. We have a lot of sick and doctors. Who should help patients ?! Doctors and nurses do not leave the departments for two days. They are already falling off their feet. Therefore, I hope the people of Kyiv will finally understand that they cannot ignore the rules and pretend that there is no virus. They will understand that they will have to endure in order to return to normal life as soon as possible!" stressed Klitschko.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on March 30, the number of coronavirus-infected people in the city of Kyiv rose by 1,100 over March 29 to 162,191, and the number of deaths increased by 35 to 3,405.