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100 years of the CPC in my eyes

100 years of the CPC in my eyes

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100 лет Коммунистической партии Китая (КПК). Фото: Синьхуа.
100 лет Коммунистической партии Китая (КПК). Фото: Синьхуа.

Year 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China (CPC), the ruling party of People's Republic of China.

The world has witnessed fundamental changes in China since the country was founded in 1949. now, the country's GDP ranks the 2nd place in the world and such change has been closely linked with the CPC.

Xinhua News Agency has interviewed prominent statesmen around the globe to analysis China's way of development and their views on the CPC, and will broadcast series of program "100 years of the CPC in my eye".

The interview also focuses on how to build new type of international relations with mutual respect, equity, justice and win-win cooperation in the new ear. The leaders will also talk about the stories that they experienced with leaders of CPC. Their personal stories with China will also be covered in the interview.  

The political leaders, scholars, experts from various countries will received the interview either face to face or online. These prominent figures will from developed countries to developing countries, including U.S. Britain, French, Germany, Swiss, Russia, Italy, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, Thailand, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico and so on ...

Xinhua News Agency will cover the story by multi-media coverage which includes video, pictures and text. The reports will be good to present both on TV and Internet.

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