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China to spur entrepreneurship in key groups

China to spur entrepreneurship in key groups

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Entrepreneurship in China. Photo by Xinhua.
Entrepreneurship in China. Photo by Xinhua.

China has announced that it will promote entrepreneurship in key populations to increase employment, The Xinhua News Agency reports.

By focusing on these groups, such as university graduates and migrant workers, the country expects to create over 1.1 million jobs this year in its demonstration zones for entrepreneurship, said a circular jointly released by six government departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission.

"These demonstration zones involve enterprises, universities, and research institutes nationwide", - the circular said.

Accordingly, efforts will focus on unleashing entrepreneurship potential in the social services sectors, such as online education, long-distance healthcare, "smart" elderly care, and online recycling.

"By prioritizing the entrepreneurship and employment of university graduates, the country will continue to strengthen the employment-oriented cooperation between universities and companies and provide better support for entrepreneurial programs", - the circular said.

It also urged enterprises of whatever size in these demonstration zones to integrate resources and organize innovation activities to develop more specialties and create more jobs.

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