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China removes over 520 apps for irregularities, vulgar content

China removes over 520 apps for irregularities, vulgar content

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Internet in China. Image by
Internet in China. Image by

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has removed more than 520 apps in its latest crackdown targeting irregularities and vulgar content, the internet regulator announced, The Xinhua News Agency reports.

"Over 2,300 websites and online platforms have been closed and more than 2.08 million pieces of illicit online information were removed since the campaign was launched in February", - according to the CAC.

"Over 72,000 accounts were also suspended and more than 7,200 livestreaming anchors were banned for breaching relevant regulations", - it added.

The CAC has pledged enhanced cyberspace regulation and crackdown on violations to ensure a healthy online environment.

"The monthlong campaign aimed to improve internet users' online experience by cleaning up pornographic, violent, vulgar and gambling-related content on platforms such as web portals, search engines, online forums and social network services", - the CAC said in a statement.

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