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Mendel Declares UAH 684,000 Of Income And Purchase Of Car For UAH 606,000 For 2020

Mendel Declares UAH 684,000 Of Income And Purchase Of Car For UAH 606,000 For 2020

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Press Secretary of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Yuliya Mendel, declared UAH 684,000 of income and the purchase of a car for UAH 606,000 for 2020.

This is evidenced by her e-declaration, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Mendel's income amounted to UAH 684,048 exclusively from salary in the Office of the President.

Thus, her monthly income from working as Zelenskyy's press secretary averaged UAH 57,004.

At the same time, Mendel's annual salary turned out to be two times higher than that of Zelenskyy and 1.5 times higher than that of the head of the Presidential Office, Andrii Yermak.

In December 2020, the speaker of the head of state purchased a 2020 Suzuki Vitara for UAH 605,900.

The rest of the information in her declaration for 2020 does not differ from the information entered for 2019.

Before being appointed press secretary of Zelenskyy, in December 2018, Mendel bought an apartment in Kyiv on credit with an area of ​​49 square meters and a cost of UAH 1.2 million.

She also has five accounts with PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank and Raiffeisen Bank Aval, but the amount of funds that are stored on them is not indicated in the declaration.

In 2019, Mendel earned UAH 936,000, of which the salary in the Office of the President was UAH 370,600, that is, an average of UAH 53,000 per month.

The rest of the money she earned before being appointed speaker of Zelenskyy - at the World Bank office in Ukraine and from working as a journalist, including foreign media, as a freelancer.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in March, Mendel was supposed to host the weekly author's TV show Look from Bankova with Yuliya Mendel on the Dom TV channel, however, after the pilot release, the channel announced that the show would be aired under the name Look from Bankova with different presenters each week.