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Energy Ministry Not To Extend Fixed Price For Gas

Energy Ministry Not To Extend Fixed Price For Gas

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The Ministry of Energy does not intend to extend the fixed price for gas.

This is stated in the response of the Ministry of Energy to the request of the Ukrainian News Agency.

"The ministry does not intend to extend the gas price restrictions," the response reads.

The Ministry of Energy also expects that the completion of the gas price limit will not lead to an increase in resource prices, and the gas price in annual contracts for household consumers will not exceed the existing level.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on January 18, the Cabinet of Ministers fixed the gas price for household consumers at the level of UAH 6.99 per cubic meter from February to April.

At the same time, the European Business Association stated that fixing the gas price for the population creates the risk of not receiving a tranche from the International Monetary Fund and may result in losses for national gas producing companies.