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Ukraine Pays USD 213.1 Million To IMF In February

Ukraine Pays USD 213.1 Million To IMF In February

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Ukraine paid the International Monetary Fund USD 213.1 million in February.

Ukrainian News learned this from the National Bank of Ukraine.

The borrowing cost for Ukraine last year was 2.63% per annum (average rate and commission).

That is significantly lower than the cost of loans from the foreign markets.

For example, the weighted average borrowing rate through Eurobonds' placement (government domestic loan bonds) is 7.2% per annum.

Should Ukraine attracted the loans from the placement of government domestic loan bonds, the payments last year would not have amounted to USD 763 million.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine is to pay about USD 1.7 billion to the IMF in 2021.

The largest payments are scheduled for March 12 and September 13 at 295.5 million special drawing rights.

The last payments for the current year are scheduled for November 1 – 43 million special drawing rights.

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