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Ukraine Expecting Delivery Of 30 Million Doses Of Coronavirus Vaccine In 2021 - Shmyhal

Ukraine Expecting Delivery Of 30 Million Doses Of Coronavirus Vaccine In 2021 - Shmyhal

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Ukraine is expecting delivery of 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccine in 2021.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said this during a government meeting on Wednesday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"General agreements on contracts (for the supply of vaccines against coronavirus) have reached almost 30 million doses this year," the Prime Minister said.

According to Shmyhal, the delivery of the Pfizer vaccine is expected in the near future.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, during 2020, the population of Ukraine decreased by 314,100 people and as of January 1, 2021 amounted to 41,588,400 people.

In February, Health Minister Maksym Stepanov stated that Ukraine received confirmation of the supply of a total of 22 million doses of vaccines against coronavirus.

Member of Parliament Olha Vasylevska-Smahliuk (Servant of the People faction) states that 10 million doses of Pfizer vaccine will be delivered to Ukraine.

On March 2, the number of newly-registered Covid-19 cases in Ukraine rose by 7,235 over March 1 to 1,164,705, and the number of deaths increased by 185 over March 1 to 26,397; at the same time, the number of new cases increased by 35.6%, and the number of new lethal cases increased by 14.2%.

According to the report, as of the morning of March 3, a total of 1,164,705 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases were registered in Ukraine; the number included 26,397 fatal cases; 1,182,036 people had recovered.

On March 2, 7,235 new disease cases were recorded, 185 people died, and 5,118 people recovered.

Therefore, as of March 2, newly-infected people's indicator was higher than that of those who recovered (7,235 vs. 5,118).

The number of coronavirus-infected people as of the morning of March 3 was 161,390, down 4.6% over March 2.

Since the start of the epidemic, the largest number of coronavirus-infected people has been registered in the city of Kyiv (139,138), Odesa region (86,727), and Kharkiv region (84,597).