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Ukraine Ready To Participate In Clinical Trials Of New Coronavirus Vaccine Of Indian Bharat Biotech In Form Of

Ukraine Ready To Participate In Clinical Trials Of New Coronavirus Vaccine Of Indian Bharat Biotech In Form Of Nasal Spray Or Drops - Stepanov

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Health Minister Maksym Stepanov announces negotiations with the Bharat Biotech company (India), during which the parties confirmed their readiness to conduct clinical trials of the company's new coronavirus vaccine in Ukraine in the form of a nasal spray or drops.

He said this during a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“I visited one of the world's leading manufacturers, Bharat Biotech, which also produces vaccines, and they also developed a vaccine against coronavirus Covaxin. The vaccine went through three phases of clinical trials, the last of which was attended by more than 25,000 volunteers. Preclinical and clinical trial results were published, the final results of the third phase of clinical trials are expected within the next 10 days, where we will see the effectiveness of this vaccine," he said.

According to Stepanov, the conclusions of scientists today are quite optimistic: the vaccine is effective, safe, and has already received permission for use in emergency conditions in some countries.

"During negotiations with Bharat Biotech, we agreed on the mutual readiness of the manufacturer and Ukraine to participate in clinical trials of a new vaccine, which they produced in the form of a nasal spray or drops. This is a new product and they are now starting the first stage of clinical trials. They will move quickly enough and at the second and third stages, we can conduct part of the clinical trials in Ukraine," he said.

According to Stepanov, the company plans to complete clinical trials of these vaccines by September-October 2021 in order to enter the market with the product.

"Why is it important for Ukraine and why is such an agreement important? If we carry out part of the third stage research in Ukraine, it will give us priority access to this vaccine in case of proof of the vaccine's effectiveness. And it is much more convenient, understandable, if it is in the form of drops," he summed up.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Health plans to start vaccination against coronavirus on February 24.

On February 23, a plane carrying 500,000 doses of Oxford/AstraZeneca (CoviShield) coronavirus vaccine landed in Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine registered the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the Pfizer vaccine for emergency medical use.