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Health Ministry To Launch Online Registration For Vaccination Against Coronavirus From March 1

Health Ministry To Launch Online Registration For Vaccination Against Coronavirus From March 1

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The Ministry of Health intends to launch an online registration system for coronavirus vaccinations from March 1.

Deputy Minister of Health for Digitalization Yaroslav Kucher announced this on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"There are certain waves of vaccination and there are categories of people who are vaccinated in the first place. We start (vaccination) from medical workers, and people aged 18-59 have the opportunity to sign up through the Diya portal, through the Diya (mobile) application and through the contact center of the Ministry of Health. We plan to launch all these capabilities from March 1, now we are testing," Kucher said.

The Deputy Minister explained that in the existing application Diya there will be a new functionality for recording for vaccinations, which will be connected to the eHealth system, and when a person is vaccinated, information about this will be stored in the vaccination registry.

As the vaccine becomes available, the Ministry of Health will be able to inform certain groups of the population, depending on the region, about the possibility of making an appointment for a specific time and place for vaccination.

Kucher assured that the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, tried to make registration as simple as possible: a person is registered, he is confirmed that he has get into a waiting queue, and as soon as there is an opportunity to vaccinate in a particular region, he receives a message.

The Ministry of Health is also working on the possibility of a reminder of vaccinations through the contact center, as it expects a large wave of vaccinations and wants to ensure that people do not forget to come in due time.

The Ministry of Health is also considering the possibility of citizens registering for vaccination of elderly relatives who find it difficult to register on their own, but not at the first stage.

For the vaccination functionality, it was decided to use Ukrainian software so that it is maximally integrated into the eHealth system, while respecting the requirements for protecting personal data and the ability to use this data in the future by doctors.

After vaccination, a vaccination certificate will be issued.

Kucher stressed that vaccination in Ukraine will be voluntary.

At the same time, he assured that the Ministry of Health would be ready to provide citizens with the information on vaccination in the required form necessary for entering other countries.

"What will be needed for other countries to enter, we will have the possibility of such integration, if there is a need for it. If they ask for this so that our citizens can leave, we are already preparing to provide this information in this form in what will be needed," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in December, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced that they were developing an electronic platform for registering for vaccination against coronavirus.