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Ukraine Ups Tea Imports By 7.8% To 17,200 Tons In 2020 - UCAB

Ukraine Ups Tea Imports By 7.8% To 17,200 Tons In 2020 - UCAB

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Ukraine increased imports of tea by 7.8% or 1,250 tons to 17,200 tons in 2020 year over year.

The Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business association has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In 2020, 17,200 tons of tea was imported to Ukraine for a total of USD 60.4 million. The volume of imports increased by 8% compared to the previous year," the statement reads.

In particular, the volume of imports of black tea last year increased by 8.2% to 14,500 tons, green - by 5.9% to 2,700 tons compared to 2019.

The main suppliers of tea to Ukraine in 2020 were traditional tea countries Sri Lanka (37% of Ukrainian imports in monetary terms), India (14%), China (11%), Kenya (10%), as well as the UAE (12%).

At the same time, Ukraine is carrying out further re-export of tea - in 2020, 743 tons of tea were delivered for a total of USD 5.1 million (62% of Ukrainian tea exports are carried out to Belarus and Moldova).

The average Ukrainian consumes about 0.4 kg of tea per year, which is lower than the world average (0.8 kg).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine increased coffee imports by 8.5% or 3,800 tons to 48,400 tons in 2020 year over year.