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Cabinet Allows Restaurants To Work Until 12 PM And Relaxed Quarantine Restrictions On Sports And Cultural Even

Cabinet Allows Restaurants To Work Until 12 PM And Relaxed Quarantine Restrictions On Sports And Cultural Events In "Yellow" And "Orange" Epidemic Zones

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The Cabinet of Ministers allowed restaurants to work until 12:00 p.m. and relaxed quarantine restrictions on sports and cultural events in the "yellow" and "orange" zones of epidemic danger.

The corresponding decision was made at a government meeting on Wednesday, February 17, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“The "yellow" level of epidemiological safety is the baseline for the whole country until we reach "green" or go to the "red" level. It has those restrictions that are clear to everyone, which are in effect after tough winter restrictions," Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said this during a Cabinet of Ministers meeting.

He noted that it will be allowed to hold mass events, for example, cultural or sports, if four square meters of area are provided for one person, or when the room is up to 50% full (previously, five square meters is provided for one person).

Groups of more than 20 people will also be allowed to visit educational institutions.

Besides, the Ministry of Health has provided that it is possible to hold matches of team game sports at stadiums with the presence of fans in the stands, but with some restrictions on the number of seats filled.

"We also allow restaurants, cafes, bars and canteens to work until 12:00 p.m. Previously, it was until 11:00 p.m. There are also a number of other small relaxations that we will do," Stepanov stressed.

He noted that the "orange" level of epidemiological safety does not provide for the introduction of additional restrictions, but it is necessary in order to signal potential danger and a possible transition of the region to the "red" level of epidemic safety.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on February 17, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine until April 30 and returned its adaptive model.

Quarantine in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection in Ukraine was introduced on March 12, 2020.