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Finance Ministry Not Considering Scenario Of Non-Fulfillment Of IMF Program

Finance Ministry Not Considering Scenario Of Non-Fulfillment Of IMF Program

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The Ministry of Finance is not considering the scenario of non-fulfillment of the IMF program.

A representative of the press service of the Ministry of Finance announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

It is noted that Ukraine began 2021 with record high treasury balances compared to the corresponding periods in recent years (equivalent to UAH 71 billion).

The peak of payments on public debt falls on September this year.

"The state budget of this year is calculated with the assumption that Ukraine will fulfill the IMF program and, accordingly, receive funds provided for by the current cooperation program. We are not considering other scenarios yet," the Finance Ministry said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Permanent Representative of the International Monetary Fund in Ukraine (IMF) Gosta Ljungman believes that more progress is needed in reforms in favor of completing the first revision of the program of cooperation with Ukraine.

Ljungman noted that in the period from December 21 to 23 and from January 11 to February 12, IMF specialists discussed with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities the progress in the implementation of measures and reforms, which are part of the government's action program supported by the stand-by agreement.

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