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Special Search and Rescue Mission to fly to K-2 for missing Climbers

Special Search and Rescue Mission to fly to K-2 for missing Climbers

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Missing Mountaineers in the K-2. Picture by
Missing Mountaineers in the K-2. Picture by

A Special Search and Rescue Mission will be flown on Thursday to K-2 to search for missing Climbers - Pakistani Mountaineer Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri, and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr - who went missing on February 5 during the Winter Expedition to K-2, the Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency reported.

The uniqueness of the missing expedition was that until January 2021, no team of athletes had managed to conquer K-2 (K2/Chogori, 8611m), the second highest mountain on the planet after Mount Everest, in the winter season.

After the disappearance of three members of the Pakistani-Chilean-Icelandic expedition, 2 helicopters of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (IRP) with specialists were sent to the search area. However, for technical reasons - ordinary helicopters cannot rise into the sky above 7 thousand meters, these searches were not crowned with success. In addition, stormy winds, constant snowstorms and severe frosts interfered with them.

Sources in The IRP said that the Special Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) will be used for the Search Mission.

The high altitude climbers are also engaged for the ground search as a result of any location spotted through the FLIR Mission.

All efforts are geared up for the search of the national hero Ali Sadpara and his brave team including John Snorri of Iceland and Juan Pablo Mohr from Chile.

The search for the missing Climbers on K-2 was suspended for Tuesday due to strong winds and snowfall.

The three men were last seen at the Bottleneck barely 400 meters below the K-2 Summit.