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Experts Forecast Increase In Gasoline Prices By UAH 0.5 Per Liter And Diesel Fuel By UAH 1.34 Per Liter

Experts Forecast Increase In Gasoline Prices By UAH 0.5 Per Liter And Diesel Fuel By UAH 1.34 Per Liter

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Fuel market experts forecast an increase in gasoline prices by UAH 0.5 per liter and diesel fuel by UAH 1.34 per liter.

The experts of the fuel market told about this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"If at the beginning of the month gasoline cost USD 508 per ton, then on February 10 it has already risen to USD 546 per ton (an increase of USD 38 per ton). For diesel fuel, the price jumped by USD 47 per ton. Thus, economically justified, the cost of gasoline at filling stations should increase by UAH 0.5 per liter, and for diesel fuel - by UAH 1.34 per liter," said Leonid Kosianchuk, director of the SunOil filling station chain.

In turn, the director of the A-95 Consulting Group, Serhii Kuyun, noted that the world price of Brent crude oil has been growing for the second month in a row and in February reached USD 61 per barrel.

"In January, the price began at the level of USD 50 per barrel, at the end it was 55, and in February we are fixing 61, the process is underway, so a creeping rise in price is gradually taking place. Now the price of oil has risen, we are already seeing the reaction of the wholesale markets of Ukraine to this change, and I don’t think that now we should expect any big jumps (of prices) or significant changes at gas stations,” he said.

At the same time, Kuyun added that the current increase in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel at filling stations is the market's reaction to the increase in oil prices in January.

"The fact that retail is growing now, it is, firstly, not growing so much, and secondly, this is still an echo of the January rise in prices. ... Depending on the development of events, if the oil price remains at the level of USD 60 per barrel, by the end of the month the price can be expected to rise," he stressed.

In turn, Serhii Fedorenko, director for commercial issues of the UkrGasVydobuvannya state gas production company, noted that the strengthening hryvnia exchange rate helped to curb the growth of retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.

At the same time, he added that now in Ukraine there is a shortage of autogas.

"There is a small physical shortage of autogas at the level of 10-15% of the required import volumes against the background of further rising prices for it in the domestic market of the Russian Federation, from where more than 40% of our imports come from, as well as in neighboring regions - in Poland," Fedorenko summed up.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, experts previously explained the increase in gasoline and diesel fuel prices by an increase in oil prices and did not predict a further rise in fuel prices.

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